The Girl Who Used to Smile



There once was girl 

Oh, so bright

Who used to smile each day

She’d smile in laughter

Smile in joy

And even smile when grey


For smiling was her safety blanket 

A cover for the pain

if people knew what she was truly thinking 

Her life would go down in flames 


But then she heard 

The secret whispers 

Of those confused and cruel

Saying that she smiled too much 

And made her not want to come to school


“There she goes again” they’d say

The girl who’s always smiling”

A simple rude look

was all it took

For her to want to run away


So now that girl can’t bear to smile

In fear of being untrue

she resigned her self

to empty faces

to prove she too felt blue


Oh, how sad it is 

that something beautiful

Brought such sorrow and shame  

For smiling was a normal thing 

until people started calling her names 


Those years are past

the bullies have faded

And she can finally smile again

But there will always be a part of her 

Worrying that people think the same


But what is wrong with smiling so much 

People are so cruel

It’s better than melancholy 

Now I realise I was not the fool. 






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Our world
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