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A kid wakes up.
He sees the sky out of the glass pane window.
He starts to shiver because of the morning cold.
Once the young child stands up,
He started to feel confused.
But then he soon realized
He was no longer home,
But in another country, far far away.
As he rushed towards the house's bathroom,
A rush of warmth hit his persona.
He suddenly started seeing an old tree,
With vivid green leaves,
and a backyard filled of healthy radiant grass.
A house made of wood,
With a family laughing loudly,
Talking with the neighbours all around,
Spreading laughter and fun.
But then in a blink of an eye,
The tree no longer had leaves
And its branches were nearly all torn off.
He observed left and right.
Fences were knocked down in submission,
Wood houses no longer had ceilings,
to shelter the unfortunate.
Light bulbs radiated darkness,
And a once cheerful neighborhood,
Laid dead silent.
The teenage boy came back to the cold of the house,
He continued to wash his face, change his clothes and to walk to the bus to school.
He observed the students of the school,
All laughing and joking,
Smiling and grinning.
He then again felt a warm memory,
He was back in the tropical island were he was raised.
But now, he was with his close friends,
In school.
He walked and played,
Talked and joked.
He ran in joy with his backpack filled of papers,
With a day worth,
Of school work.
But suddenly a cold wind pushed his warm memory away,
Along with his priceless smile,
Filled of joy and genuine happines.
Despite having his soul filled
Of gloomy music,
Despite having a cold and abrupt change of scenery,
Despite having to abandon the warmth
Of what he once called home...
He continued...
...to crawl...
...He continued to walk...
...He continued to run...
...And he did what he loved...
He missed his friends,
However, he made knew ones.
He missed the heat of the tropical Island,
So he embraced the cold of the foreign land.
He may have cried at times,
But he also laughed in other moments.
And when he felt blue,
He remembered,
That as long as he never gives up,
There will always be a warm place to go to.

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