I don't blame you

tell me the difference between you and I while
society explains to us that with our own eyes
we're to expect greatness from wealth
while the poor focus on being fly
tell me why
i seen you from across the way in
sucha way
that made you seem so close
but then i seen your polo collar, your oxfords, your posh
and realize just how far apart
we were from the start
you see - i didn't grow up with cash
instead my family's ethinicty determined that my culture should be saturated
with criminal past
and who wants to hire a sterotype?
like fuck all that
you had plenty to waste while
i was forced to fast in fact
i'm hungry right now.
shit, i wanna eat too so
i had to watch you to find out how.
And from what I saw
you went to school and earned high test scores for sure
but what's more is that you didn't have to grind as hard as me
to surpass everything i worked so hard for and why is that?
cuz you're white? cuz you come from money or political might?
In truth - from conseption you were set for life
birthed onto gold and I into the gutter now
does that sound right
or fair in any sense?
don't get me wrong
please don't mince - these words i speak cuz its the truth but i dont blame YOU.
You see, brains get you far but money's got a longer reach
brains determine what you learn but
money tells your instructor what to teach...
So if you dont got it then you just cant get it.
i feel like throwing a fit
Cuz I hate myself
But I fucking hate you too
cuz you had it and i didn't.
But I don't blame you...

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