For Survival


Since the day I enrolled, since the day it began,

School & education have not been a friend.

Having to deal with the pressure of it al,

The studying general things that don't apply to me,

I want nothing to do with science or math in my future,

The harmful social negatives that strike me day to day,

Being attracted to the same sex, poor, not having a relationship with my father.

And the pain of having to make myself further it.

I have to take out loans and beg people for money,

Or sign my life away to the army,

So that I can afford to pay for something,

That doesn't secure my career or employment.

It doesn't mean I'll finally be genuinely happy,

It doesn't mean that I'll live a comfortable, or even stable life.

It only says I am able to do something, 

Something many other others also have a degree to do,

Some better than I.

So why is this the introduction that I get as I enter reality?

Why does this have to be the wake up call?

Why is this how I begin life?

Why do we all succumb,

To this painful system,

That guarantees nothing

But takes so much,

sacrifcice, money,

time, and effort?


To survive.


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