I'm so naked,

in this vacant,

dark, and,

pointed world.

Its piercing me,

   so fiercely,

calling, my, shield,

while I'm,

stalling, un, healed,

my scars so far have harmed me,

alarmingly, marching an army

around. my. heart.

They're shooting FAILures. as.


      from the

               bunkers of regret.

These inVADers. stop at. NOthing.

till their

          cruel demands

                         are met.

Steel, clad, walls,

might resolve


       ever, constant


But that.

that, Is not me.


I am open.


Although, I know, alone,

I can't keep fighting,

this radical right-wing,

that won't stop inciting,

my. self. denial.

But those lonely,

         luring lies


staring right into my eyes,


just waiting,


    waiting at my open door.


Yet my needing to connect,

To stop bleeding in neglect,

Is supercedeing th'disrespect,

And unceasingly seeking out

            my,      doubt,

and reminding me,

            what I'm about.


   love the world.



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