Sometimes you think your life is difficult.

School is exhausting, your crush doesn't like you...

I don't disagree;

High school is not as glamorous as it seems.

But you don't know true strife,

Until you want to die.

An unknown pain takes over.

I beg my mom to cut off my legs.

I don't want to live.

This agony isn't worth it.

Please, take me away from it.

THIS is difficult.

Misunderstood, judged, I walk in my pain silently.

Nobody knows.

It was malpractice. It wasn't my fault.

Those doctors didn't see it.

Now I am broken. I cannot run.

I cannot wear shoes.

The warmth I yearn for in the wintertime

Can no longer be reached.


It seems like a made-up word.

It is my life.

My reality.



I am alive.

Therefore I must live.

I will show everyone I can survive.

My throbbing, swollen, RED toes

Won't keep me from standing.


Maybe one day I will dance again.


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