Knowing Redemption

She whispers into the darkness,

to find light.


I do not understand.


If she is trying to find light,

why look in the dark?


 We seek,

but do not find.


Suffer through trials and tribulations,

but do not gain.


Thinking that maybe if we

ignore it one more time

and just maybe

if we give them another chance,

the results will differ.


But don’t you know

the same actions cause

the same mistakes.


Except, the more of the mistake,

the more disappointment there is until

until it is (almost) numb.


You think you are lost,

that you are gone

and that there is no chance

of redemption.


But don’t you know

that He redeems all who

are broken?

All who are afraid

and all who are weak.


Don’t you know

that once you are with

Him, there is no

searching through darkness

to find light.

There is no



Because the God

that I know and love

provides warmth

and peace.


Colossians 1:13-14 says,

“For He has rescued us

from the dominion of darkness

and brought us into

the kingdom of the Son he loves,

in whom we have redemption,

the forgiveness of sins.”


My God is an Almighty God,

He is a Forgiving God

and he is a Redeeming God.


“Cast all your anxiety on

Him because he cares for you.”

1 Peter 5:7 reads.


Trust me, (Trust Him)

that sin does not

care for you as much

as my God’s

love radiates

through the depths of the oceans

and peaks of the mountains

for you.


Instead of living in the now,

for the thrill-seeking and

lust-filled world,

live for eternity.


Because when the time

has come,

I’ll be entering

His heavenly gates.


But will you?


This poem is about: 
Our world


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