Never Letting Go

I refuse to stand here without you
Choosing to move forward knowing we'll find each other again
Here I try attempting this impossible task
But soon realizing there is no need
We may still hold each other while we are apart
While we fix our lives and we stitch our wound
Abandonment is what my heart fears most
And it clings desperately when it cannot have you in hand
I've done that before and it broke our hearts
My fear took over again that time around
However, my love for you only grows
Fear is merely pettiness compared to my love for you
Yes, I admit fear blinded me with what we need least
But your love for me overshadows that messy thinking
And so here I am, a lost soul finding inner peace
When I do something for me it is for you as well
It is for us for we were created to be with one another
And here I stand, no, here I walk on a path seemingly alone
In all reality you're always here with me
Even now during the longest moment apart I feel your presence
You may ask yourself why and that has the simplest of answers
I'm never letting go of you
You found a place in my soul to stay
My romantic heart belongs only to you
Never has my being known how much someone belongs in my life
Knowing there is wondrous journeys and painful experiences with you
And accepting all of everything with you
Willing to go through hellish emotions and heavenly feelings
At the end of the day it's all worth it
For our souls are meant to be dealt damages together
We are individuals human beings with individual minds
But parts of our souls have merged to become one powerful spirit

This poem is about: 
My family


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