Why bother living? (SPOKEN WORD)

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 23:11 -- Alexie



Why bother living

I have a friend who smiles brighter than any star you will see in the Milky Way galaxy and everywhere she went, she made sure to make others happy but... She wasn't happy herself and eventually became suicidal.

She comes to me one night and asks me:

Katherine... Why bother living?

Why bother living when crimes happen 24/7 imbibing the world with destruction, when the people who lead us embody corruption - doing no other action to stop the wars that divide our nation.
Why bother living when people kill people each and everyday. When instead of going out to play, Syrian kids hide and pray that the man with his finger on the trigger who killed their love ones wouldn't shoot their brains away.

Why bother living when we live in a society full of discrimination and hypocrisy. Where individuals cheat their way to climb on top of mountainous money. When there  are teenagers who already died by committing suicide -life's greatest genocide.

What do you see when you walk the streets of your city?
In mine, Garbage, pollution, everywhere filthy. A child, bare pfoot, asking for food with hopeless eyes desperately trying  to stay alive. Glued sleeping in bare hard asphalt when it wasn't even his fault.

So tell me why, tell me one just one good reason why bother living when everything imperfect in this world is caused by us?

And I tell her:
Since we're human. We are prone to many mishaps and mistakes. But we also experience love, happiness, sanguinity and heartbreaks. We are the humans who are capable of change. The story telling animals whose stories reach distant range all around the world.

And so you have to live because you are loved by everyone who knows your story. Your parents, your brothers, your sisters, your friends and I love you. You just didn't know but your story is heard and purled into moving pictures, and the audience is dazzled by the story you drew as if you were a painter as great as Frieda Kahlo.

You.. are the writer of your life and you have many empty pages to fill while you're still alive. Your desires, the ambitions you strive, the archive of joy you set into others, how you fought for yourself as victim of slander and strife and how you managed to survive all the challenges the world throws at you and the list goes on and on it wouldn't even matter because deep down you know you are a fighter.

This is but a challenge you have to get over. And when you do, the eyes of the blind will opened and the ears of the deaf will listen to the story of your life.

I know we're struggling but we’re also still fighting. We’re crying but we’re still smiling. We’re crawling but we’re still breathing and I know it's difficult, but live because you are loved.

Yes. Don't ever ever forget that you are loved.
You are loved by every single person in this world including God.

That is all I want to tell you.

And this is all what I can offer to you.

And as a token of your appreciation just please....

Live and write your story

Write and show everyone what you are made of

"This is the who I am!" Scream it to the world and pass the message: Tell everyone... That you are loved.

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