Do you know how it feels to not feel good enough For another woman to enter the room and your afraid that it's her instead of you that they want to cuff How in the mirror you feel like a sapphire, emerald, pearl; but get in a room full of diamonds, babygirl now you just feel rough Walkin around like a birthstone trynna shine behind blinds, we all know it's just a bluff  Do you know how it feels to feel like she thinks she's better than you just because you feel she is To feel like you are the sand and she is the sea, she has the fluidity that you miss I mean who goes to the beach for the sand anyway? It's the waves that give you true bliss You got the softness the sereneness the sumptuousness, yet in still, it's her that he wants to kiss Do you know how it feels to walk around with a mirror To feel like maybe if they see my reflection instead of me then my physical attraction will become much clearer But mirrors are blinding and binding your eyes to realize that the real that lies between her and me is past what brings your eyes nearer One day maybe you'll understand how lookin at her reflects back into my mirror all the traits of my error Do you know how it feels to have too much pride  And I'm not talking about the pride that guides strength, but the pride that strides to take away strength So the tears that you've cried over the faults you tried to hide can be dried The pride that replaces compliments with words that lied to preserve your confident side The kind of pride that builds ditches so these girls know, the competition will never be tied Do you know how it feels to not have the ability to love unconditionally Because jealousy is my decree for her and me to sit equally Wait honestly, jealousy is a desperate plea for her to be under me eternally This steadily jealousy inside of me is a desperate plea for me to value me for being the sand and not the sea But until that happens, this is a confession of my insecurity

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