The Land of Milk and Honey

I became old when the honeycomb becomes too waxy to eat When the queen bee becomes a tyrant And you start to feel bad for the bees When I got tired of swimming through the land of milk and honey  So I drowned But I couldn't afford the medical bills So I swam   I became old when I stopped to drink the milk and honey But the milk tasted too expensive and the honey wasnt sweet.   So I swam in new seas  Settled for almond milk and a couple of spoonfuls of manuka honey And It wasn't just good it was divine   When I wanted success But it wasn't a craving  I desired enough milk and honey  to share   My speech stopped stinging  and started soothing My black and yellow skin became golden   I stopped to smell the roses because I felt like it My lips dripped black and white truth My mind craved sweet sweet knowledge And it all became worth it.  










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