Death as a form of Poetry

It was here, that I found myself close to the edge

And I almost thought, with you, I could find a pledge,

To destroy this part of me that wanted to commit my own death

But with my past, I wanted one final breath

I found love for many days and months,

And I chose to self destruct myself, wanting to keep myself stunned

And paralyzed


I dreamt of a cure that I would wake up one morning,

And I would smile with true authenticity, but it was just a warning

Even with you on my mind,

There was nothing left for me, and I was left blind


So I took the blade,

And I decided my life was worth a trade,

Death for peace,

And Peace for one kiss from you was worth this last part of me, the final piece


I lost my mind, so long ago,

And over and over, I thought that I would allow my spirit to flow,

Into oblivion  


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