I withstood the pressure

Then I took the time
I stole back my life
And remade it mine
I took the heavy hits
I took the heavy blow
I fell from an all-time high
Then said "look out below"
I've been through the worst
Yet I've seen it done before...

So I am not the first

like the waves
like the summer sun
We all rise and fall
So that dream
It's still plausible   
Although illogical
It's not impossible...

So from personal experience I say…
Stay standing tall
I had a dream...

Many years ago...

I once came to a rough point
I decided to just go with the flow

My dreams

I let them go...

But recently...
I've had those moments
When time starts to slow
Lost in my thoughts
No idea the path to go
Clueless to which path to travel
All those dreams of the past
Began to unravel as I realized

Life's too fast to only dabble
I began to fathom my fate
I stepped out from the shadows
Felt my eyes dilate
Then and there I started seeing  the bigger picture
I have to weigh the risks that I take
If there are no opportunities...

Then opportunities I'll make

Late at night I often lay awake and last night I was thinking about how I have a clean slate...

I finally shut my eyes and fell asleep

In my dreams that night I was called by a young boy who said he'd like to meet

I took the offer and we met on the corner of my neighborhood street.
His height was only a few feet  
He was still young and naive.

We conversed a lot about what it means to set yourself free and we often agreed
There was one thing he said before I awoke that helped myself finally see...

He said...
He was a younger me

He went on to say...
In order to change fate
In order to be free
You have to use imagination
You have to learn to  c r e a t e
Sure you've made mistakes
Cry me a river
Build a bridge and get over it ...
Even if afterwards it still hurts a little bit...

All those who said to grow up
To give up
Said that your dream,
It's not possible

Said it's stupid
Said it's dumb

Said you're good at it but you're not the one…

If you learn to  c r e a t e your own f a t e

You'll grow up to be g r e a t ...

Maybe even the g r e a t e s t...

But it's true...

L i f e   i s   o n l y   w h a t . . .


w e  - m a k e  - i t

If you block it all out
If you ignore all their hate

Y o u ' l l   l e a v e  a l l   o f   t h e m…

I n  y o u r  w a k e . . .

Although  this is just a story
I hope it helps you contemplate

J u s t  h o w  m u c h . . .

When you think about life...

I s  a c t u a l l y . . .

A  t   s t a k e


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