My Words

Fri, 05/25/2018 - 16:33 -- Traneah

I find solace in my words
Because apart from them being words, they are mine
My ideas, my thoughts, my experience, my story
My words 
And my words are ones of brawn and boldness
But they are also ones of fragility and fright 
However all words in which soothe my soul
Words to savor and salivate over again and again each time I speak them aloud
Sweet words of serenity 
All mine 
The keys to my sanity and salvation 
The true heroes in life 
The true soup for the soul 
My soul 
My words 
Mine and mine alone 
With each vowel and consonant they fill my spirit like a siren's serene song seeping slowly within 
This is what they do to me
My words, do to me
They save me before I even know I need saving 
They rescue me after I've already been crossed 
They comfort me when the damage has been done and my wombs remain open 
Waiting for them to slip themselves between the slivers of my flesh and make me one whole human once again 
My words 
Forceful beings 
My beings 
That I've created 
The spawn of my imagination 
My solace 
Because they are mine, mine and mine alone 
My words

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