The Jessica Day to My Nick Miller

We are all searching

Searching for that special someone

Someone who will be there and stick with us

Stick with us when times are tough

Stick with us when times are great.

I met that someone.

It can all start with one question

Do you want to be my lab partner?


Talking for hours and hours

Never running out of things to talk about

Sometimes you meet someone that you care so much about

All you want is for them to be happy

They push you to be a better person

They challenge you physically, mentally, and emotionally

They expand your horizons.

Unfortunately my story is not a fairy tale

She ended up marrying someone else

She was happy with him so I am happy for her

She has set a standard on which to compare others

I will continue my search

I will try to find another one

At least I will always know

That I already was lucky enough to meet someone like her.

This poem is about: 
My community


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