A Dream Come True



A dream seems like such a harmless thing 

but one day its bound to grow 

with a fresh pair of wings 

it flies and it flies high 

far from reach and far from thought

until that day when its bound to drop 

it plants a seed and it grows so fast 

once it starts , it cant be stopped 

soon it seeks and finds a gap 

it looks about the open world 

just waiting to show you what its all about 

it takes your heart and travels down your soul 

its locks on your love and your all set to go 

its an incurable disease 

its the habit you just cant kick 

its a fire that never dies 

and the love that never lies 

oh no it never lies so dont worry bout that 

for all it does is lay out a path 

if you dont follow then i tell you beware

its a monster and a curse that no one should bare 

it will flip you up side down 

and shake you until your raw 

youll want to quit but you wouldnt dare 

look how close you've come 

at the path you've already carved

dont back track now, no dont back down 

just push through that fire 

a blink away .. 

and at last you'll hear them say 

"a dream come true , well done to you”


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