How quickly I must die
I must let go of my life.
I see all down eternity
I must let go of me.
What do I have to hold onto here?
Is there somehing more I could hold dear?
I must let go of me.

At first it was easy.
The choice ws easy
Oh so clear.
Then, I got complacent.
I forgot what sacrifice was.
I let my life flow through my fingers
But mopped it up again
With dirt stained rags.

I forgot why I did it.

I was faced with a choice.
Me or You.
I chose You.
I'll never regret it.
But God I'm scared,
That I will forget it.

I am not a big girl
I cannot save myself.
I cannot walk independent
I cannot do this myself!
I need You.
Not just to remind me,
But to constantly be with me.
Not just to define me
But to live within me.
Oh God please don't leave me.


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