Because I Have To


We live in a world where there’s so much hardship, pain, and suffering

We live in a world where there’s you and me but there’s hardly ever we

And when there is it’s because we’re fighting against an enemy

We live in a world where love is misunderstood

Where it’s masked by imitations that are merely limitations

To what?

What is unconditional and never ending

Inexplicable and always mending

The bonds

The bonds that life creates to hold us together

Despite all the obstacles placed in front of us

We are only as happy as we allow ourselves to be

But the world we live in is simply a reflection of


Of you

Of we

We must fix ourselves internally

In order to fix ourselves externally

Why do I write?

Because there are stories that need to be told

With a message that is beyond bold

Voices of those with their tongues ripped out that need to be heard

Because their words were labeled absurd

My mouth is their only outlet

My words are my only weapon

I write because I have to




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