When I'm Depressed

It's times like these when I want to die.

When I want to make a noose out of the abusive words and hang myself with them.
I've already been wounded with the steel knives welded by insults.
I can't feel anymore.
One swift slice of the tongue just makes an open wound thicker
Which is making the blood run thicker
My salvation, my light, my safe haven, is beginning to flicker
Because of the burning from this liquor 
Comforts me
Gives me that feeling like everything is going to be okay.
Put that mirage before my eyes and even lets me feel the soft leaves of serenity,
The tranquil water of love
And the strong bark on the trees of life.
Maybe the illusion is real and the nature clouding my brain is actually here

I must be blindfoled by the cloth of negativity.


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