Fairy tales Be Damned

Once upon a ti


We all know how this story goes,

A damsel seemingly in distress,

begging for help

though pleas never fell from her lips,

for she is independent.

She does not need a prince

nor does she need to be swept off her feet.

Maybe she doesn't like princes at all,

but it's not like she is given much of a choice,

now is she?

So for this,

I say I say screw the tradition

Go against the normal,

make your own fairy tale.

Be the princess to save the princess,

be the savior of your story,

be the hero.

Do not stick to the textbook definition,

just because people have their superstitions.

You were made to create your fairytale,

you are the painter of this masterpiece,

you are the director

and producer of your play.

You are a poet, creating stories with the words that you breathe,

and maybe you aren't a princess at all.

Maybe there are no such things as fairytales.

Let them be damned.

You are just meant to be a poet.

A writer.

Write the words that will create your journey,

that fuel that passion deep inside of you.

Do not let anyone taint your ability to write,

just because they believe it's not right.



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