A life for a life is what they say

Sacrifice your needs for others and then you would feel good

What a bunch of bullshit is that

I have never felt so alone and useless in my life

Now I say to that

My life wasn’t always this way

But after my elementary to middle school crush

the guys that I started to talk to

Everything went downhill

What is a life

Without a soul

What is my life

How is it that more people come after me when I have nothing

I wish for it to be quick and in my sleep

I wish that I would be at peace when it happens


Is life worth the pain

Is it worth the heart ace

Is that why so many people would rather die alone

Being in a relationship is serious work

Someone always gets hurt


Someone catches feelings that the other person can’t return

Is it sad that I don’t care if I get a boyfriend

At this point, I really don’t

Guys come and go and so do some friendships

But something that would leave your heart broken for so long

You date someone and you fall in love

Then find out that they were cheating on you

With an ex

how would you feel about that


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