Don't fallow the path

It's funny

how we believe in a dream

and see what is make believe.

We want to be the prince who becomes a king

or a girl who no longer has to clean.

The one for adventure and dream

or the one who fight for what's right,

it is all just imaginary.

There is no happily ever after,

but there is a end.

There is no glass slipper nor a prince,

there is a apron and a kid.

The life we live in is no dream

it a cruel world we all stand and see.

We fight with races,religion and sexual orientation,

yet we all want to live in a world imagination.

We want to escape and hide from it all.

But a fox and a hound can't play fetch with a ball.

So yes I am a girl who don’t follow dreams,

for I am the girl who sees reality and seeks what it means.

There is no prince in shining armor,

there is a man who can hold you in his arms.

There is no castle or a ton of riches,

but kids who bear hugs and kisses.

So take the good with the bad and see it for the truth

Because in this world there is no bibbity bobbity boo.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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