Bring Back Our Girls (Nigerian Crisis)


Most consider Africa the motherland, the place we all come from.

No matter the color of your skin or the scripture you preach, this is where we all come from.

We may all live different lives and value different things, but the look in all our eyes says the same thing: "Bring back our girls." "Bring back our girls you thief!"

276 schoolgirls taken in a blink.

Threatening to sell them into slavery these Islamist extremists seem primitive to me.

Education is power; education means inequality.

By bettering themselves, the Nigerian girls appear to threaten the narrow-minded radical Islamist regime.

There is no other choice but to search until we see: their smiles, their tears, and the relieved familes.

And truth be told it's never about you or me, it's about fighting each other's battles in hopes of saving humanity.

So we search and we look..for a way to be the hero.

I'd rather be considered unpractical than wait around and say what should've been done years ago.

It's time for us to bring change.

I was raised to lead by example. 

Together we're a disbanded people waiting on a leader to take a gamble.

The battle's just begun so raise your voices and speak aloud.

It only takes one to draw a crowd. 

I want our girls back, but only time will help our movement.

Let's stand beside each other so that we can form the blueprint.

Bring back our girls.


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