In Need Of A Savior

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 09:09 -- ThebigM

Lord I love you
Lord i need you
"My blood has redeemed you"
That is all i can hear You say
But why save me when i continue to stray?
My very conception was Heavenly made
I was a miracle child and my debt has been paid
I know this in my heart, but my mind is miles away
My mind is on lust, self destruction, and hate
Cause im not focused on the grace, that is sitting on my plate
Everything i do has been forgiven
But my mind still punishes me
The Devil himself, still pounds at my very soul
And i think he is starting to take control
Jesus pleast take the pain away
The grace im given, please let it drive away
All of my self evaluation and hate
The lies I was fed i gladly ate
But i realize now that i was wrong
I will praise you in all of my songs
And when I feel low, i will go and read Psalms
This life it isn't a game
This poem will be read, taken in, and pondered
I command this, all in Jesus name.


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