About a Man


I just heard the saddest story

It’s depressing to even think about

How could something like that happen to him?

He was so young when he got abandoned


Only ten years old when his father told him to get out

He was shocked the whole way home,

Not knowing what to tell his mom when she asked what happened

No phone calls came

No visits or anything like that


A few cards a year were all he got

From the man he used to call dad

As the years went by, the cards stopped coming

And all he ever got from his father was child support


His mother did the best she could

She had to raise him by herself

And she never wanted to let him go


Now he is a man, all grown up

He’s doing pretty well for himself

Independent and brave

Courteous and kind

Everything he was supposed to learn from his dad

He had to teach himself


He doesn’t hold grudges

And he’s never mean

He has an extraordinary heart of gold

And it’s full of a love so pure


How anyone could want to stay out of his life

Is beyond my imagination

I can’t even fathom not having him in my life

He is a real man

A bigger man than his father will ever be


And when that old guy is on his death bed

I hope he mourns all the time he lost with his son

And he’s haunted by the good memories he has

Because he missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime

To witness and contribute to

The making of this amazing man


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