The Beast Inside

This demon in my head,

It fills me with hatred

And fuels my pain.

It denies me sanity,

And reminds me of my loss.

It plays back my memories,

It distorts them while I sleep


This creature in my chest,

It brings out an ache,

Constant pain in which I am trapped.

It drags me down,

Pulling me into myself.

It fights against my brain,

And separates me from myself.


This thing in my legs,

It freezes me in place,

Preventing me from running.

It increases my stress,

Makes it hard for me to deal with it.

It chains me to my pain,

And takes away my choices.


This beast inside of me,

I hate it with everything I am,

But yet it’s part of me.

It lives within my body,

Always causing problems.

This beast.

It and I are the same.

It’s the reason that I hate myself.


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