One day clowns weren't scary

One day the dark was an escape

One day being buried was peaceful

One day I clung to them

I needed them

I needed my heart to thump as fast as it did beore facing the things in my nightmares

I needed the edge to encourage me

But I realized those weren't my fears, meerly obstacles, pushes, anxieties, drive, anything but

Because fear is the unexpected, we don't truly know our fears until after they shake us to the core

Real fear doesn't take your breath away

She steals it

It deflates you in the worse way possible

And there is nothing you can do but to slowly recover


Fear is selfish, and she steals pieces of you

but what she gives you is simple


Because if you can rise from the ashes, 

complete the task of accepting what has been done, 

Piece yourself together

Then you have nothing to fear.


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