The selection


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36° 8' 20.4612" N, 86° 47' 48.9264" W

No glance or furtive peek needed,
I already know.
They are me, all respiring to one united beat and breath--and we’ll die together at death.

A brush through my glossy tresses, they follow my distresses.
Outside, we are of startling sameness, because we are me.
But as I sweep my eyes to the left, my essence blanches, as if by theft.

She, another faction of me, embodies a side of torn, ravaged desire. A road less traveled, surely overgrown without tire.
Studies and academics aside, like how forgotten toys reside.
Inhibitions loosened with unknown hurdling hardships harking harshly.
She, me, a more beautiful creature of music and art, of foreign spirit and fame, glittery as glass.

Breaking gaze, I peer to the right in a daze.
Another she- me- obliges my observing self to witness another component. One of light and all noble delight of structured future and fortress universities.
Of mingling with the hoi polloi with a hopeful joy, of curiosity and discipline.
She, me, simply follows the deserving, accessible path.

Two cacophonous components waiver on both sides of present me, who is transparent and attentive to the double threats. Perspiring, prickled from the caveat of trap nets.
I inhale both of me, leaving only one breath, one beat, but three divisions:
Wild, reckless, admirably beautiful in stardom
Studious, learned, traveled in expected ease
Wide-eyed, stubborn, indecisively observing.

The selection...


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