Twenty-one days of struggling

Mon, 05/17/2021 - 01:13 -- HB Rita


I have fought with great feebleness for twenty-one days

Confusion, suspicion, suffocation, anxiety all were there 

I did not see the sky for five hundred and four hours in a row

Did the stars burn in the dark corner of the night?

I don't know! 

There was no opportunity to understand the  difference between day and night

Just waking up at night, 

I would understand the sounds of the bats! 


It is pitch dark outside.

For twenty-one days, 

I was holding my breath in the white blanket 

I heard the fear of the wind in my ears with confusion

Throwing infinite emptiness over the darkness, 

I just thought

When the poetic scenes confused with incorrect grammar;

It is unreasonable to look at life at the bargaining for fish.


Twenty-one days in prison

I did not see the golden sun, the conch shells

The morning sky with hope 

The night of the stars wasn't not in the white sky

In the window, the green was dead laying on yellow

Yet in the middle of the night I saw the palms of my hands bursting and falling

The rotting bones have become a little bit of resentment every day

Sinking deeper into the water, I felt, 

I did not come to give up 

And then, 

I recalled the God and said, 

Oh god Forgive me

In the fight for survival, I declared rebellion.

I am not ready yet to surrender!


This poem is about: 
My family


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