As my eyes close my mind is blown..
the bounds I reach to let my mind create bridges between life and the unique...
unique being my vernacular, my stature, my pose the rhythm and vibe all being captured...
making up who I am but these dreams..
these dreams.. I still chase boldly after.
I feel like I'm running in place and other days the dream is so easy to grasp.
life still passes me by I don't feel a thing other then sad.
so I run to these dreams, I float in the space that mind still creates.

Cause I like to pretend that I'm safe... things still eat me up though but I wont cut to the chase.
my dreams are always evolving, I see myself driving a 2023 s7 while playing the new ps11. flying out countless miles just to be the first to try to discover the heavens. the feeling I get when I'm in the meadow just dancing is unlike any feeling I'm feeling cause my feelings are captured and placed in a box where nothing else happens.

I see things so differently,
magnificently admiring my wizardry,
Creating a universe, or is it a miniverse cause all that inhabits is me. feeling the introvert lifestyle taking me over calming and saddening feeling to keep.
But I keep floating on. I keep moving on. Never letting a thing phase me. Cause if it does then the dreaming is paused. the once blue skies are hazy. I guess the feeling was inevitable just like waiting up from a perfect type of dream... the meaning of the life; the meaning of strife; the destroying self comes so timely. I let the pain wash over the dreamer is leaving and she is becoming the true D. 

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