Thu, 01/16/2014 - 13:00 -- FatimaJ


You will always have people in your life that test you

There will always be people there to knock you down

It may seem that all the negative people are stuck to you like glue

And everywhere you look, all you see is frowns

No matter how hard you try to stay calm

People will always push you to your limit

Its like you are a ticking bomb

And that once good you has turned into an evil spirit

Your breaking point is arriving

Its like three blocks away

And you have no means of surviving

So you may as well make way

Your bomb has strike three

All the flames have exploded into millions of pieces

If you are in the way of those pieces, you may have been burned third degree

I held all the anger in to long, and the heat increases

Next time stay far from me

And don’t climb to the top of that bully tree


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