When I Say "Homeless," What Do You See?

When I say "homeless," what do you see?
Someone dressed in dirty clothes, out on the street?
Someone with a cup, asking for change so they can eat?
Someone who struggles to get back on their feet?
When I say "homeless," what do you see?
An uneducated person with no degree?
Someone who is older than the age of 18?
Someone who is "too lazy" to do anything?
When I say "homeless," do you picture me?
Because the truth is, I've been homeless since the age of 16,
You'll say "I never knew" & that is the reality,
You can't always tell when someone lives in poverty,
Is it because my clothes are clean?
& I got shoes on my feet?
Is it because I'm educated, & go to UCSD?
Well, next time you see a homeless
Don't assume anything.
We all got different struggles,
Yet, we're still all human beings.

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My community
Our world
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