Fighting To Be Enslaved

Wed, 07/31/2013 - 00:30 -- Rehab


I am an American Born and raised 

But Society tells me that my race was enslaved.

"WAS" I say 

Because obviously we still are 

To me we are everything but by far.


It's a shame how we fighting to be enslaved!!!


A thirst for prison 

Seem to guide a Black man's decision.

See it's funny when a minority of  a nation

Is the majority of its prison.

But you don't have to believe me 

Just look at the statistics.

I'm just average observer 

One of many critics.


I See how society has you fighting to be enslaved!!!


Still can't understand how after all these years 

We still have a connecting urge for those chains.

Add a little gold to those shackles 

and we will rob for it.

put a couple diamondsin them 

and we will probably kill for it.

How you think it earned the term Blood diamonds.


But please keep fighting to be enslaved!!!


And watch one of these days

or maybe even years from now.

You going to wake up in 1829

Wondering why and how you was enslaved.

So keep sagging your pants

While rocking your big chains.

Speak "yo" slang !

Throw up yo signs and rep yo Gang.

But keep your eyes on the main pictures

and hope things don't change.






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