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Maybe I was too innocent,

maybe i was too stupid,

maybe i was too excited,

But who could have denied that i was in love..

Love which was beyond your cruelty

Love which was beyond the hopelessness you inflicted on me

Love which was beyond the reciprocation i never received

Love which was eternal but died within

Love which was invincible and could have fought the world for it

Love which was the source of  immense courage for my soul

Love which was unenending like the sky

it was unfathomable like the abyss..

years passed...

with no trace of your return..

nor did i ever have the hope 

But you know what remained..

a glimmer..

a faint whisper

a faint flame which could still have the power to burn if ignited

The soul remains in quest of its ignition

But practicality ceases to give me hope

to any reason..

but I still love you without them


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