It all started on the day of September 13thWhere I decided to spread my Wings and thought I'd be free. And lust struck my path at the age of one three. Believing that I was star gazing I didn't perceive the tempest ahead. Clouded by lies and fantasies it spread like a vital disease. Rotting my brain and common sense.And I was insane and in vain.Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder and I beheld nothing. I was in wonderland the intoxicating world my mind created.  Death isn't vital, it is dying as we live the sin.  And I died and fell into his hands. I was the puppet and him the puppeteer.  And he guided me into the whirlpool of despair. And as his hand like claws pushed down on my body I yelled NO! But my no was muted by his arrogant desire. And as he sanctified and sacrificed my innocence for his pleasure, my essence was stolen. And as I rot away I know forever it will stay, things don't go away, they become you.And I exhale shame and dishonor.Bow my head at the acknowledgement of my responsibility and close Pandora's box. Making sure that hope does come out.I am what I chose to become not what happened.With knowledge in my mind and humbleness in my heart I smile to the world.In order to get up, one must first fall. And if I fall seven times I will stand up eight.For I cannot no matter what happens ever be phased.   


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