Ebony and Ivory


Raw emotion pours from my soul.

Like a winding road, it cannot be defined by a straight line.

It turns, then rises.

Veers, then dips.


To my left, I see a beautiful sunset.

The sky painted a beautiful crimson.

A tree sways gently in the wind.

The autumn leaves tumble to the ground.

There is tranquility.


To my right, I see a storm.

Lightning lashes out of the heavens violently.

The sky turns sickly green.

Clouds roll over the horizon.

Black as onyx, towering.


What a mysterious melody.

I continue on.


Straight ahead, a treacherous pass.

The snowcapped mountains rising into the heavens.

They are majestic, yet intimidating.

Taunting those who dare to attempt the journey.


To my rear, I see faces.

Faces of those who look to me for guidance

They are frightened of what lays ahead.

They are counting on me to navigate the path that lays before me.

I am their mentor.

I am their rock in the face of adversity.


I open my eyes and fold my hands in my lap.

Reality snaps back as the sonata ends.


A sense of clarity comes over me.

I know who I am.

I know the two sides to my story.

I know what lays before me.

And I know what rides behind me.


All of this is remembered when I put my fingers to these black and white keys.


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