It was Just A dream, it wasn'y suppose to be reality,

but with gods blessings and my originality

i stand here with my own individuality. \

Ima soldier and a roller, who been through hell and back

dont push me because jesus aint got me all the way yet.

the kids need some hope so they can have a way out

Cuz nothing means nothing to a kid with no hope, to a kid with no love, to a kiid with no trust.

Mommies and daddies dont exist in these streets

kids are being raised by the gun

and when you playing by the gun you either win or lose.

so to make it out I feel like I broke out.

from a concrete Jungle that only the strongest survive

that only the hardest strive

Living is free, so is the air we breathe.

It's real, this shit is real

the town is a living genocide where war is everyday and niggas dont have no feelings inside.

They say go to school and get a degree but what does that guarantee?

Our youth are being taken

our lives are being taken

Were tired of being patient.




Trenton, NJ is what this Poem represents

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