My People

We are the epitome of pride and success

Leaders in our fields-and in the fields


Melanin seeps in our skin

Pride runs through our veins


Kicked, pushed, and shoved to the side

Because my dad wears a sombrero


That is not the cry of just one

Unfortunately, it is the story of many


I am not speaking just on behalf of myself

But for all of those who share the same struggles as I do

I am the voice of millions

I am the voice of my community

I am the voice of my people


My people have been ignored

to the point where we have grown numb to hate

It fills me with joy and pride to see our own Hispanic brothers and sisters prosper,

But angers and frustrates me when our own reach the top

only to kick down the very same ladder they used to climb to the top

If we don’t help our own then who will?


With living and economic conditions deteriorating in neighboring Hispanic countries,

Many of us are forced to leave all we know and all we own

We leave our soil, our rancho

To risk it all

Start a better life for ourselves and our children


Many of us have turned to the offered services in our communities for help

Although helpful, they are minimal

Recent budget cuts have only added to the already suffering services

Even with several clicks on a computer, I myself had found it difficult to find outreach programs Considering %76 of hispanics have internet access, how can we use our access to information for our betterment?


Hardworking students of hardworking parents find

their blood, sweat, and tears in the classroom, mean nothing

Their profile in no comparison to the privileged male caucasian valedictorian from La Jolla

Dreams of living the American dream,

Attending a college full of opportunities and a brighter future,

Come to a screeching halt

All because we didn’t have the same opportunities as he

And still, besides the unequal comparisons due to lack of opportunities and offerings,

We prosper

We’re here

I’m here

On my way to the University of California San Diego


All I ask for my people

The backbone of America and various communities,

Acknowledge us

Help us

Appreciate and embrace the struggle with us


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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