Our minds are such powerful things.

They are also very devious.

My surroundings are unrealistic,

Yet I am completely oblivous.


Wanting to be heard and wanting to be saved,

It's such a struggle.

Wanting to be mended whole again and be ridded of those shattered remains,

Something everyone wants but no one can ever possibly achieve.


I've been through all too many things

In practically a blink of an eye:

Being kidnapped, being raped, being stabbed to death.

They happen to me so frequently.


It's something that I don't want to speak about,

Something I can never find myself to confess.

Each silly dream is like a mental scar.

I can't find myself going to sleep at night without being afraid of what's to come.

Hopefully, one day, I will not have to experience these inevitable dreams any longer.


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