Hurt - Gio A.

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 15:16 -- Garocho

Love is a painful mystery,

It is as old as history.

But the pain that comes with love, is being hurt.

Having your heart stomped into the dirt!

Loving anyone is a hard thing to do,

Especially when they walk all over you.

Loving anyone is a hard thing to do,

when they use, abuse, and leave you!

How can I be myself?

When my heart is being crushed.

How can I trust?

When I have been betrayed.

How can I love?

When I have been hurt and broken.

How can anyone love me?

When I don't see the beauty in myself!

Everything has it's price.

Everyone elses price for love seems to be joy.

My price is destroyed.


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