reflection of the bedroom

Slipping under the guards of yellow tape, that warns "stay away," burying myself into clouds and space. Locked into this haven, reserved only for my soul,


Where i come to disappear and glue the pieces of shattered glass, back into perspective. 


Waves of emotions swelling my brain, making my thoughts and my heart swarm like panicked fire ants fleeing form their now trampled home. 


I take away the sun, but let the moon soon creep through as i bend to my knees on your soft cushion surface, 


Welcoming my prayers to Him.


I imagine your touch. Feminine. Cold but soothing, as I wrap myself in warmth. 


I see her light drain everyday behind her perfect facade, but her heart still beating strong. 


In my eyes, her mouth would never move; never making a soun, 


But i would comprehend every word, and every thought, with every gulp of her throat. With every look to her riht. With every twist of her hair. With every itch of her arms and legs. 


I would understand. 


Her hair would be long enough to cover her flaws, but I'd know what lies beneath. 


I would know. 


I can see her struggle, to do right, and be good. The fight to folllow her Christian beleifs and regress emotions for the sin she calls love. 


To outsiders she would be her reflection. She'd never drop her smile. Her laugh would be contagious, and she'd have a beautiful glow, 


That shines through the dark horizon when the sun goes to sleep. 


Our point of views are different. Meaning me and you. Sshe knows what you expect, so she'll reflect it. The other half she hides behind her chamber of secrets. But i will know. 

I will always know. 

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