The Rainbow

The cold harsh wind blows on your face,

Splashing on puddles.

Covering your face and letting the rain mix in with your tears.

You’re running to get away; you’re running to be free.

Free from all the laughter and the humiliation that you go through every single day.

You’re useless!

You’re stupid!           

You’re a faggot!

You’re fat!

You’re ugly!

These are few of the things you get called on a daily basis.

Because of this you resulted to cutting and self hatred.

Because of this your thoughts are dark and lonesome.

Because of this you can’t picture a future.

 The power of the world’s cruel words is too much to handle.

So here you stand, at the top of a fast flowing river bridge.

Palms sweaty, heart beats fast, and all you can think of is eternal peace.


Then you hear a sweet voice ask,

“Is it worth it?”

“If you jump you are only going to show them that they won.”

“I know you’re tired of fighting against it, but this is a storm that will pass and if you quit now you will not be able to enjoy the rainbow ahead.”

You look up at the sweet voice and they are extending their arm to you.

You see cuts on their arm.

“We can get through this together” the sweet voice says.

At that moment you realize the rain had stopped and a rainbow was forming above.


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