Sight Seeing by Caito Foster


In turn all eyes turn inward
and find only darkness,
what a clever disguise.

Discuss the quality of
the echo of your voice
off of your increasingly
empty ribcage with all
the other present tense
versions of yourself.


In turn all eyes
make truth from lies,
like truth is currency,
what a pleasant surprise.

Discuss the quality of
your infinite experience
with your atoms as you drift,
wait for your echoes to bounce.
What have you found
in all that seeking?


In turn all eyes go blind
or go blindly into the light
How bright could it be?

Allow for the possibility that
you may never speak to 
youself again, in a sense,
turn inward and find yourself
in the glands that hold your
memories at the center of it all.

You are not the center,
you are the universe.

Shut your eyes now, human child
you won't need sight where we're headed.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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