What is Life?

Thu, 12/26/2013 - 12:50 -- zohra


In this universe, there’s too much pain

From people to people, it’ a non-ending train

Trying not to give in time

Wasting is not a try

Good, bad, jealous, uncaring

Everyone is always daring It’s wasting breath a good idea?

I guess people call that’s like to “be real”

Here we are Dependent or independent?

Now one goes Making everyone else afraid

A new start Is someone offended?

Can we just stay the same?

There’s always a question

That no one can answer It can always bring down hope

Afraid is the main thing that people tend to think about the most

Afraid to take a step

Afraid to just leave

Afraid to do mostly anything

This world is disappointing in so many levels but the truth is that it can’t change

Sometimes people tend to turn different and just to try to exchange

Afraid is not the best thing but it does exist in shame It’s in everyone deep within…

Sometimes in life I know I have to try

Good or bad events always happen each time I tend to cry, but then I laugh I know I try but I get mad

Nothing ever turns out right

Once or twice I always go complete

But then again it always comes back to me I try to fight, I do my best

But then it’s not right, it gets intense

Don’t know what to do anymore Always hope

Just pray in life I know we can make it sometimes

Never loose Make it right Nothing can stop us in the right time

No, nothing can stop us in the right time

Sometimes I try to run away I try to escape I’m here right now, next I’ll be gone

Then it shows how much I’m strong

Don’t know how to live this way

One, two, three, days go by Counting them, wasting time

Wondering when will my day arrive

The real smile is the one I want to try

Should I just say goodbye?

Ever wonder about other people?

When their alone, it’s miserable

Just like you, just like me, trying so hard to be ready and free

Ever try to go one place at a time?

Some people know it’s hard and not right

Everyday I tend to cry But one day a smile will arrive

Yes, my smile can arrive

Just have to wait, can’t give up

My breath it takes

To stand up I know I will I can do this

Now I know

That I most certainly cannot miss.

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