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Each time I peered down the rabbit hole

I got a glimpse of a forgotten world

It’s dreamt about, but no one ever dares to go there

I wasn’t any better

Just an audience, a speculator from bird’s eye view

And I never thought I’d get pushed in


Immediately thrashed into an ocean of tears,

I dared to breathe

Waiting on your island of lies and loneliness

I saw the smoke screen rise

I beheld the storms of deception


Desperately clinging onto the shelter I made

I only turned for a moment when it got blown away

And now the darkened sky cries for me

For the death of our forgotten trust

And carcasses of old dreams that burned away beneath the cruel sun’s gaze


There are moments when I’m overcome

Grieving for a life I realized I never lived

My only chance at survival being letting go



At times it seems that the constant storms

And burning sun will fade

But then they come back, full force,

Promising to beat life’s beauty away


I am afraid that even when the storms disappear

And the sun goes down

I will still be numb to it all

But even though I may not care

Nor will I have any faith or belief

I will still feel

And my heart could still break


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