Tears and Red


Charlotte NC 28207
United States
35° 11' 34.2708" N, 80° 49' 26.1768" W

I met Mr.Gun on a lonely night

Sad and alone

I took him home

I told him my story and expected him to laugh

but he didn't to my surprise,

He just stared at me 

He seemed to understand me

My one and true friend

And every night he showed up 

and every night I cryed with him

Until one day I asked him what he liked 

he didn't answer

He just stared

I grabbed him and screamed 

Answer me !!!

He screamed back at me 

Knocking me down

I started to close my eyes...

And with my last breath I asked

What do you like?

He looked at me and said

Tears and the color red.....








veryyy cool


Thank you share it with the world...

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