A Night To Remember

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 15:25 -- Meusher


It was night to remember. I was about thirteen years old. I was a young child that thought knew everything in life. I specifically had on some black Nike shorts, white socks, Nike flip flops and a white t-shirt. I was on the phone with a chick thinking I was the shit. I was spitting my game off top of my head getting her to smile and smiling myself. Unfortunately a white car pulled up in front of me. Felt like I was in the movie Boyz n the Hood, the only thing that was different was that I was never involved with any gangs at all. White car pulled up and the back window rolled down and I looked. There, I saw a hand gun pointed towards me. I was in shock, what was I supposed to do? I just stood there helpless, life flashed right before my eyes. If I ran, I would die so I just stood there with all my might and in my head I said to myself, I guess this it. Shortly after a minute the car took off. I did not get robbed or nothing, had everything. I went in, took a shower and did not know what to do. I had anger all in me and felt the struggles of those that wasn’t involved in the life of a criminal. It was a night to remember because ever since then, I have had opened my eyes to different aspects of life.

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