Struggle of Man


The greatest struggle a man faces is himself.

How shall I describe man?

He is full of trickery, deceit, and lies.

He manipulates and twists the world for his best interest.

He is a hypocrite.

A being of contradictions. His nature, at best, proves noble,

but given the opportunity, he is capable of harnessing and imposing the greatest evil.

It is tragic.

The same mind and hand that built his glory may also rob him of his life.

He is a man.

Creative yet destructive.

Loving yet despising

Blessing yet cursing.

The most diabolical creation in the universe.

However, he is aware of his disposition. The temptations and lure of evil;

Its reinforcement of self-righteousness and pleasure.

Alas, it is only temporary.

So fleeting.

So he struggles to be upright.

He runs left and right, but one day he may find himself with nowhere to escape.

For he is trapped in a maze, a space, a cube, a mind -

his mind.

He loses hope and determination. For the man he fights is the soul in the mirror.

His blank stare masks the glint of evil and terror.

There is something odd about his smile - a smirk.

It mocks him.


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