My color


I've grown up around strong women. To be specific, I've been surrounded by strong black women.

That doesnt make me strong though 

This made it hard for me to find myself. I wanted to be like them 

But the areas I lived in I wasnt surround by alot of black girls with the same hair

My type of hair. Kinky, thick and a little on the dry side.

Being black ...yes even in the 21st centry its hard to be a black girl living under stereotypes.

I couldn't  get away with certain outfits with out being labled something derogatory while other girls got attention.

As I've gotten older I've also noticed how hard it is to date.

Even making penpals is hard, Becuase once they see my color they dont respond back.

Since I was young I wondered why I was darker than my mom

For a while I did'nt want to be black or at least dark.

My Color plays a role in my decisions.

"Can I talk to him?"

"Am I allowed to wear this?

"They don't look like my type of people"

Speaking out, or joining things have been limited...

My color isn't something I'm ashamed of any more.

But now I'm stuck behind the curtain...maybe I'll start over when I get to college.



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