Right Now, I Just Can't

Wed, 08/14/2013 - 21:36 -- arielc

 My middlefinger.
That's what I want to give them
Instead they want my money
Yeah, the money THEY let me lend

F-A-F-S-A, Sallie Mae and all the rest of my creditors can kiss my ass
But I find myself swallowing my words to kiss theirs because I need the cash

Borrowing all this money just to pay for a degree I probably won't even need
Just to work for someone who wants me to have a degree they probably didn't even receive

I'm digging myself in a deeper hole
Gotta take out loans just to pay off these loans
I'm 22 and in dept
I got a part-time with a minimum wage check
How the HELL am I supposed to live off that?

Don't get me wrong, I'm forever grateful for the assistance
But they keep giving me these loans and I'm tempted to say f--- it, just keep them

I promise to pay yall back...but right now I just can't
I can't even afford to pay you the minimum amount because I gotta pay my rent

So could yall PLEASE stop calling my phone every day, unless yall are trying to give me a grant
I promise to pay yall back one day...but right now I just cant




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